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Men's Basketball

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AGENCY: Droga 5
CLIENT: Adidas Men’s Basketball
INDUSTRY: Consumer Products
YEAR: 2009

The Project

In 2007, Adidas launched the “Basketball is a Brotherhood” global media campaign featuring NBA All-Stars including Kevin Garnett (Boston Celtics), Tim Duncan (San Antonio Spurs), Gilbert Arenas (Washington Wizards), Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic), Josh Smith (Atlanta Hawks), Chauncey Billups (Detroit Pistons) and Tracy McGrady (Houston Rockets) to celebrate the contributions they make to their respective teams.

The over-arching message behind this entire media campaign was that while the players are part of a larger Brotherhood, each individual is responsible for doing his bit to strengthen the team as a whole.

In 2009, Droga 5 was retained to re-design of the Adidas Men’s Basketball website in order to showcase how Adidas Basketball footwear and apparel enhances the performance of their signature athletes and ultimately solidifies their Brotherhood.

The User Experience

“Basketball is a Brotherhood” aptly summarizes the team culture of basketball. It was also the key concept for the re-design of Adidas Basketball web site; the central hub of high-quality apparel, endorsed by top athletes who embody sportsmanship, professionalism, and the competitive spirit.

The strategic focus paired Adidas’ world-class footwear & athletic gear, with elite NBA athletes in an effort to increase brand recognition, while providing content that is easily accessed on multiple devices, platforms and social networks.

The centerpiece of the marketing campaign & redesigned website was an 11-episode web series shot at a summer basketball camp for 12 young players of the ‘shoot first, pass second’ mentality.

These young players knew that Adidas was running the camp, however they did not know that NBA All-Stars including Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Gilbert Arenas, Dwight Howard, Chauncey Billups and Tracy McGrady would be coaching them.

As part of the “Basketball is a Brotherhood” digital initiative, the re-designed website would provide detailed consumer product information, e-commerce functionality, exclusive video content, and behind-the-scenes player blogs, in addition to customizable voicemails & text messages automatically configured to a subscriber’s phone.

Moreover, the site would also include:

Featured Footwear Products

Basketball players all over the world know how important it is to have a good shoe. It’s not just a statement of style; it’s an expression of passion, dedication, and the spirit of the game.

New Adidas Apparel & Related NBA Merchandise

With Adidas apparel & sneakers, players get unparalleled comfort and performance designed specifically for top athletes.

Adidas Signature Athlete Showcase

Discover every NBA player who has a signature sneaker with Adidas, including Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Dwight Howard, and more.

Video Highlights & Latest News

“Basketball is a Brotherhood” is about the on- and off-court moments that make a team more than just the sum of its players. Video highlights and curated articles reinforce this motto.

``Motivational`` Mobile Messages

Curated social media communications & text messages from signature Adidas NBA Athletes were sent to registered community members. Users received voicemail messages from the featured NBA All-Stars, inviting them to experience the Brotherhood at adidasbasketball.com.

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