Peter Van MillerWelcome to the online web portfolio of Peter Van Miller. The websites, mobile apps & 3rd-party software that is showcased and/or linked to this site were specifically created for previous clients & employers; for whom I have created various UX/UI designs, artifacts & documentation that have been used to develop the applications and/or products referenced herein.

DeVori Clothing

Responsive eCommerce Website

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AGENCY: Thick Digital Media
CLIENT: DeVori Clothing
INDUSTRY: Retail Clothing
YEAR: 2017

The Project

Based in NYC, DeVori products are designed to inspire meaningful dialogue and communication regarding a plethora of contemporary social issues, from diverse backgrounds.

The apparel is intended to be very colorful & eye-catching. Many of the T-shirts are designed to be fun and lively, and the colors help to create the appropriate “tone of voice”. Furthermore, a portion of all T-shirt sales were donated to the American Cancer Society charity. These charitable donations help to support the messages & ideals that are imbued into the clothing itself.

The User Experience

The founders of DeVori wanted to start, grow, manage, and scale a new online clothing business. So I recommended building a web-responsive online store, then using a variety of online social media channels to market the site to the DeVori customer base, to accept payments across multiple sales channels and locations — all in one place.

We decided to use Shopify to build an online store since it bundles various commerce activities under a single platform, with one admin to access everything from orders to analytics to sales channels. With Shopify, the DeVori business owners were empowered to build and customize an online store that sold merchandise online, across mobile devices, and/or in-person, at various pop-up shop locations around New York City.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that offers a variety of features. It is best described as a cloud-based, eCommerce platform that helps in starting, running, and growing an online store suitable for any size business.

Some additional site features included:

Responsive Design

Provides a seamless experience across screens of all sizes. Consumers today are constantly moving between devices and the browsing experience must be consistent across all of them, especially mobile.


Shopify offers a detailed analytics dashboard that allows merchants to track e-Commerce metrics, insights, store speed, and transactions.

SEO Features

Shopify automatically handles many of the technical SEO best practices, such as sitemap generation, canonicalization, and URL structure.

Secure Checkout

Shopify offers a free SSL certificate and high-level encryption technology to ensure a secure checkout experience for customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs are used to provide vital information that answers the most common questions that potential customers may have regarding the products or services, merchandise sizes, shipping & returns.

Customer Lists

Shopify Audiences allows users to create custom audience lists powered by unique commerce insights and drive conversions.

My UX/UI Design Tasks

  • Responsible for UX Design & wireframes.
  • Marketing Video Ideation, Direction & Editing.
  • UX Design of the ‘look & feel’ of the Website.
  • Shopping Cart Integration (with Shopify).
  • Performed Upgrades & Inventory Additions.

UX/UI Designs

UX Design