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Infor Banking Application

UX Prototype

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AGENCY: Infor (Hook & Loop)
CLIENT: Infor Financial Services

The Project

Despite technology changes in the entire banking landscape, most banking software applications haven’t undergone large-scale, holistic platform changes in over 30 years. Infor FSM (Financials & Supply Management) software provides comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality with industry-specific features without the need for extensive customizations.

The features & flexibility of this software project were thoughtfully designed to deliver enterprise banking intelligence and a networked analytics platform that provides relevant, memorable experiences for both banking customers and bank employees. All this is delivered in a unified UI environment that enhances usability.

This solution combines the Infor cloud platform built on additional infrastructure services from Infor FSM, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Infor OS (Operating Service). Its core technology provides networked analytics and a best-in-class user experience enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI).

The User Experience

This user-centric UX prototype would leverage the capabilities of Infor FSM software. It was created as a ‘Proof of Concept’ to help financial institutions transform their infrastructure with innovative systems design. The goal was to help large-scale financial institutions deliver cohesive user-experiences, increase customer profitability, modernize their financial reporting systems & optimize their workforce.

Infor’s cloud-based solutions are easy to integrate with existing systems. The system is based on data science and puts the user’s experience first. Using the software prototype, teams and applications can be connected to make more informed decisions. Furthermore, it offers enterprise banking intelligence and a networked analytics platform.

  • Analytics are embedded in context at the point of decision.
  • AI-powered self-service features with personalized insights.
  • Automated data refinement from any data source.
  • Utilizes key service-line metrics to meet business objectives.
  • Optimizes efficiency and margins while minimizing costs and risks.

Using Infor’s Banking prototype, organizations in the financial services, banking, insurance, and capital markets sectors will be able to assess risks, take proactive measures, and be more competitive than ever before.

Some of the challenges the prototype would help to overcome are listed below:

Actionable Business Insights

Provides accurate, data-driven decisions by integrating with enterprise business intelligence (BI) and analytics platforms.

Operational Inefficiencies

There is an interconnection between financial, workplace, and operational processes, but they are processed in separate platforms.

Customer Loyalty

The new expectations of customers challenge traditional methods of customer engagement, brand excellence, and loyalty.

Security and Compliance

Security breaches and associated compliance concerns put enormous pressure on legacy technology solutions and IT departments.

Talent Management

Training, managing, and identifying the workforce is a challenging process that often depends on the discretion of the manager or branch.

My UX/UI Design Tasks

  • Participated in User Research.
  • Created Personas & User Journey Maps.
  • Authored Information Architecture.
  • Low-Fidelity Sketches & UI Mockups.
  • High-Fidelity Wireframes & UI Designs.
  • Built Interactive UI Prototypes.

UX/UI Designs

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