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Solutions Portal

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AGENCY: SapientNitro
CLIENT: Verizon
YEAR: 2013

The Project

The objective of this project was to design and produce a single, cross-channel user interface that will be used to conduct troubleshooting and resolve reported device, network, and service problems from customers in an efficient manner.

The Verizon Solutions Portal collects certain pertinent diagnostic information from the customer’s device including the “symptom” or issue being reported, device state, health, and settings, and then compares this information to account information, network performance, known network outages/issues currently being experienced, customer location and network coverage, known similar device or product issues, and verify the correct provisioning of services in question, to identify and self-correct the problem (automated troubleshooting), or when needed, direct the customer to the appropriate level of support to facilitate resolving the issue.

The User Experience

This web portal provides a comprehensive suite of digital tools for monitoring, managing, analyzing, and enhancing Verizon products and services. Data can be delivered seamlessly across desktop, tablet, and smartphone channels to meet your business needs. It was intended to transform Verizon’s customer experiences, by making the online digital experience easier, faster, and more convenient, while improving the ease of doing business:

Order Additional Products & Services

Check the availability of products and services. Save time by using templates that have already been filled out. Compare the pricing of different speeds. Track your order status.

Manage Billing and Payment Information

Access your invoices. Check your current charges and balances. Send billing inquiries. Pay online or schedule payments. Sign up for paperless billing, autopay, and more.

Access Real-time Data About Your Network’s Performance

Check Verizon’s network health and inventory. Take a closer look at the details. Keep track of the status of change requests and repair tickets. Boost bandwidth as needed. Keep track of maintenance events and alarms.

Make Informed Decisions About Your Network

By using dashboard options as well as keyword searches, you can access reports. Easy-to-understand charts and graphs simplify complex data. Data can be exported in a variety of formats for analysis. Utilize raw data to improve performance.

My UX/UI Design Tasks

  • Created Personas & User Journey Maps.
  • Authored Information Architecture.
  • Low-Fidelity Sketches & UI Mockups.
  • High-Fidelity Wireframes & UI Designs.

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