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UX Prototype

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AGENCY: Infor (Hook & Loop)
CLIENT: Ferrari
INDUSTRY: Luxury Automotive

The Project

The Ferrari brand is known for its bespoke high-performance vehicles, and its customers expect the very best in customer service and responsiveness.

As Ferrari faced increased demand from new markets such as China and the Middle East – where customers are less inclined to wait the standard 12 months for their prized delivery – the company realized it needed to increase production rates, both in quantity and speed, to keep pace with growing output requirements without compromising quality.

Design Challenges

This project presented a profound challenge because each Ferrari is unique. No two Ferrari vehicles are the same. Therefore, every customer has the luxury of customizing and tailoring their new purchase, from unique paint colors to the materials that cover the seats and interior, as well as many other personalized details on each car.

As a result, this led Ferrari to realize that it needed a very responsive and flexible manufacturing setup, supported by agile business software that could help the company achieve its targets for new production output.

User Research

We identified 3 important Ferrari User Roles and created distinct User Journey Maps that emphasized the following:

  • New Owner UX Journey (i.e. Customizing the Vehicle Post-Sale)
  • “Your Ferrari” UX Journey (i.e. Experiencing the Vehicle Post-Sale)
  • Brand Ambassador UX Journey (i.e. Ferrari Products & Merchandise)

The User Experience

The ultimate goal was to create various “Proof of Concept” Prototypes that would be presented as highly engaging user experiences – which included “new owner” mobile apps, factory kiosks, dealership car configurators, and various related consumer websites & services.

The purpose of these POC Prototypes was to provide some creative ideation for a very responsive and flexible ‘customization application’ that could be easily integrated with their existing technology & manufacturing infrastructure.

The mobile app itself would look to keep New Ferrari buyers highly engaged after buying their vehicle, to help ensure that each & every Ferrari owner has a completely ‘unique masterpiece’.

Not only did these POC Prototypes include fresh new ideas, but we also integrated various existing Infor Software Products, to ensure that we were providing a holistic user experience, from end to end.

A few of the POC ideas included:

Bespoke Car Measurements

Connect with a Customer Representative who can take all the measurements using the application before building a new Ferrari.

Infor EAM - Enterprise Asset Management

Allows the customer to track the progress of their custom Ferrari directly from the factory floor.

Tracking Car Assembly

A feature of the app that tracks vehicle production status, gives updates in real-time and provides relative content.

Tracking Car Modifications

A feature of the app that allows users to make adjustments to their car while it is being produced.

Tracking Car Shipping

Once the custom Ferrari is built, the customer can track its location real-time using the GT-Nexus application.

Learn ``The Ferrari Way``

An app feature that enables a New Ferrari Owner to track, learn, and improve their driving skills with a Ferrari ‘personal assistant’.

My UX/UI Design Tasks

  • Participated in User Research.
  • Created Heuristic Evaluation Artifacts.
  • Worked on Competitive Analysis.
  • Created Personas & User Journey Maps.
  • Authored Information Architecture.
  • Low-Fidelity Sketches & UI Mockups.
  • High-Fidelity Wireframes & UI Designs.
  • Built Interactive UI Prototypes.
  • Created Presentation Graphics.

UX/UI Designs

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