Peter Van MillerWelcome to the online web portfolio of Peter Van Miller. The websites, mobile apps & 3rd-party software that is showcased and/or linked to this site were specifically created for previous clients & employers; for whom I have created various UX/UI designs, artifacts & documentation that have been used to develop the applications and/or products referenced herein.

The Insiders

NBA TV Opening Credits

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AGENCY: NBA Entertainment
SERVICES: Project Mgmt
INDUSTRY: Pro Sports
YEAR: 2004

The Project

NBA TV Insiders has unique access to NBA team executives, NBA players, broadcasters and members of the media from NBA cities around the country. The nightly show covers all the actions, trades, highlights & boxscores of the NBA.

My UX/UI Design Tasks

  • Served as Project manager for the creative team.
  • Negotiated budgets & pricing estimates for remote creative resources.
  • Brainstormed storyboard concepts & provided Creative Direction.
  • Provided post-production editing/video optimization, as needed.

Additional Credits

Josh Holden / Curly Maple Studios


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