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Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer)

UX Design & Project Mgmt.

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AGENCY: IMG Worldwide
CLIENT: Cesar Millan
SERVICES: IA/UX Design + Project Mgmt
INDUSTRY: Entertainment

The Project

Cesar Millan has achieved global recognition from his TV Show “The Dog Whisperer” which inspired millions of dog owners for over a decade. His message of Trust, Respect, Love has reached all corners of the globe.

In addition to co-authoring six books, Cesar Millan has created numerous instructional DVDs and continues to host a popular tv series & online seminars where attendees learn how to apply his extensive knowledge of dog psychology and rehabilitation techniques.

“Sessions With Cesar” offers a wealth of pet-related information, including  various courses & workshops for Training Cesar’s Way, as he shares his invaluable experience & insights in a more intimate setting and a more in-depth way.

The User Experience

With the content provided on the “Sessions with Cesar” website, people were educated, inspired, and empowered to transform their communities. Inside the portal, Cesar Millan provided professionally produced videos, one-on-one coaching examples and case studies that answered the most pressing questions about dog behavior that solved common challenges that dog parents faced.

By exploring humans’ relationships with animals, he opened minds to the belief that finding a calm, confident center can ultimately change the world. With Cesar Millan’s training programs, pet owners can develop and achieve balanced harmony in their relationship with their pets.

The website provided hands-on video training courses, workshops & practice sessions, designed to provide pet owners with the essential tools and techniques to establish a balanced relationship with dogs. Coursework encouraged active participation, allowing each participant to apply the techniques and receive guidance from Cesar Millan’s team of experienced trainers. During each session, classroom-style instruction was combined with video demonstrations and hands-on activities.

During the workshops, Cesar provided an in-depth understanding of his approach and key principles for training dogs. The participants gained profound insights through self-reflection and rehabilitation. Several techniques were taught, including leash handling, mastering walk skills, and recognizing energy.

Here’s some additional content that “Sessions With Cesar” focused on:

People Training for Dogs

It’s important to know some psychology if you want to be a good pet parent. Cesar Millan began his lessons with that information & taught students how to cultivate the calm, assertive energy needed to show their pup the rules, so their pup can thrive.

Training a Puppy

In this multi-part video module, pet parents gained a strong foundation for quickly showing their pup it’s name, how to behave on the leash, and simple commands including sit, down, stand, and come.

Strong Breeds and Red Zone Dogs

Students gained a better understanding of the psychology behind strong breeds whether they had one or not. As pet parents, they almost certainly encountered at least one or more strong breeds during common situations in the “pet parent’s life”.

Understanding Your Dog’s Energy

Cesar uncovered the basic principles, as they relate to your dog’s physiology. This content showed students why various tools and techniques work better than others. Participants learned what gives them better control of their dog, while at the same time, creating better behaviors!

Pack Leader Rules & Energy

In this module, students discovered Cesar’s simple secrets to eliminating bad behaviors such as jumping up on humans and running away. He used live examples and showed pet parents how to lovingly correct unwanted dog behavior, as the “pack leader” of their dog.

Common Puppy Issues

Here participants uncovered the many issues their happy puppy needed to understand: from addressing separation anxiety, exercise, games, social interaction, overexcitement and even neutering.

My UX/UI Design Tasks

  • Participated in User Research.
  • Responsible for UX Design/wireframes.
  • Responsible for Project Management.
  • Created Personas & User Journey Maps.
  • Authored strategic docs & technical specs.
  • Managed the dev team through multiple stages of the project lifecycle.

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