Peter Van MillerWelcome to the online web portfolio of Peter Van Miller. The websites, mobile apps & 3rd-party software that is showcased and/or linked to this site were specifically created for previous clients & employers; for whom I have created various UX/UI designs, artifacts & documentation that have been used to develop the applications and/or products referenced herein.


Data Capture Program

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CLIENT: Diageo
INDUSTRY: Wine & Spirits
YEAR: 2007

The Project

Digital Intelligence Group’s Data Capture Program entails the development of all application and database systems necessary for acquiring, storing, reviewing, and transferring data collected at special events held on behalf of clients like Sprint & Diageo (Wines & Spirits).

Handheld PDA’s were used to capture unique marketing data about Event Attendees / Guests. Event Ambassadors would enter their data electronically to register them for future sweepstakes & marketing initiatives. The PDA’s provided event organizers with an easy-to-use & efficient method for ‘surveying’ wide demographics of people within a short timeframe.

My UX/UI Design Tasks

  • Managed development team through the project lifecycle.
  • Authored strategic docs, technical specs & training manuals.
  • Created information architecture, project plans and training manuals for the use of the PDA devices & and the custom-built software.

UX/UI Designs

UX Design