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Infor Healthcare Application

UX Prototype

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AGENCY: Infor (Hook & Loop)
CLIENT: Fairview Healthcare
INDUSTRY: Healthcare

The Project

The Infor Healthcare Application project was committed to driving a healthier future for everyone it serves. From making vaccinations more accessible and helping families pursue wellness, to scheduling doctor appointments with the next generation of healthcare workers – Fairview Hospital worked with Infor to conceptualize a user-centric mobile application called ‘My Health Data’, which provides patients with quick access to their personal health information & their family’s electronic medical records (EMR).

From the ‘My Health Data’ page, a member would (quickly) access their most recent test results, medications, diagnoses, care plans, and immunization histories – to ensure all their medical care providers always have the latest, up-to-date information, all in one place.

Design Challenges

Limited resources, a lack of internet access for rural users, and many cultural language barriers for potential app users — were among the challenges faced by the Infor Healthcare project. Our outreach and education efforts focused on connecting with potential patients & community members and providing support tools and education to help them understand how to use the mobile app to live healthier lives.

User Research

We identified 3 unique Groups of Users and leveraged them as the creative and strategic parameters for the application. Then we triangulated against the remaining groups to define the broadest cross-section of potential Users. The result allowed us to narrow down potential users into these major categories:

  • Group 1: Generally Fit & Healthy Patients
  • Group 2: Transplant Patients
  • Group 3: Chronic Patients

The User Experience

This UX Prototype was created to be an interactive Personal Health Management Tool, which encourages & empowers patients to take an active role in their healthcare. The proposed software would assist with ‘health literacy’ by helping consumers obtain, process, communicate and understand their basic health information.

The application helps remove existing complexities from patients who currently use the Fairview Member Portal website by integrating Single Sign-On to review their medical information, which includes – but is not limited to:

  • Finding a doctor/care provider.
  • Managing time and transportation issues.
  • Finding reliable sources of medical information.
  • Managing health records and important doctor schedules.
  • Navigating insurance issues & providing accurate information.
  • Helping users & their family members maintain healthy lifestyle/habits.

This approach could establish higher ‘user satisfaction’, easy phone use to schedule Doctor’s appointments & it should also provide quick access to medial reports, from any device. The end-goal is to improve health outcomes by relying on patients’ full engagement in prevention, decision making and self-management.

A few additional POC Prototype ideas included:

Digital Personal Assistant

Personal Health management tool, interactive, encouraging & empowering patients to take an active role in their healthcare. Improves health outcomes by relying on patients’ full engagement in prevention, decision-making, and self-management. Assists with health literacy helping consumers obtain, process, communicate, and understand basic health information.

My Network

Ease the process of managing health care for multiple family members. Consumer definable dashboard view provides access to the data that matters for your family members and those you provide care for. Tools for assisting caregivers with ongoing health maintenance, a care transition, or dealing with a crisis. Data that allows you to access, track, manage, connect with, and coordinate care.

Interactive Scheduler

Often the first point of care and the first opportunity to create a positive customer experience. An intuitive scheduler that puts the emphasis on the patient, meeting their preferences and requests, streamlines the registration process with seamless admissions; collects required information prior, and retains medical history to eliminate patient frustration with repeating their medical history and history of present illness to multiple providers.

Member Community

Being supported and informed by those closest to you – your community reduces barriers to healthcare access. An intelligent search engine suggests a local doctor based on your previous browser history and purchases; find others in your community based on an algorithm of your choice (think music streaming). Rely on others’ input and learnings when faced with a life-changing chronic disease or major event, such as a transplant.

Loyalty (VIP)

Usage is the most powerful measure of loyalty and loyal patients interact across multiple service lines. The digital ‘personal assistant’ drives usage based on user preferences and pre-defined data specific to the patient, broadening access to the health delivery organization services.

Proactive Health

Consumers are active in their health, integrating wellness, preventing illness, and are incented for positive health outcomes. Patient decision aids are based on intelligent logic that helps consumers make better-informed health decisions. Proactive messaging on education, insurance coverage, telehealth, and in-network providers.

My UX/UI Design Tasks

  • Participated in User Research.
  • Created Competitive Analysis Presentation.
  • Created Personas & User Journey Maps.
  • Authored Information Architecture.
  • Low-Fidelity Sketches & UI Mockups.
  • High-Fidelity Wireframes & UI Designs.
  • Built Interactive UI Prototypes.

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