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Sports City

UX Prototype

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YEAR: 2016
INDUSTRY: Retail Sporting Goods

Project Details

‘Sports City’ is a pseudonym for a well-known brick-and-mortar sports equipment retail outlet. The number #1 goal of this prototype was to provide a “holistic digital vision” to disparate portions of their business.

Combining all of their business software technology into a single cohesive ‘ecosystem’ would be a key component toward delivering error-free transactions, responding to customer opportunities and staying ahead of various market shifts & ‘disruptive digital technologies’ entering the retail sporting goods landscape.

This ecosystem was comprised of several different software application, including….

  • A revamped e-commerce website.
  • A cloud-based, mobile app for (brick & mortar) Retail Store Managers & Sales Associates.
  • A cloud-based, mobile application for local community sports leagues to use to manage their season. Coaches can input schedules, buy merchandise, match records & view statistics, while earning points that would enable them to become ‘Brand Ambassadors’.
  • A ‘Digital Locker Room’ that was designed to be a ‘virtual space’ (in the cloud) used to track & store User activity data & customized preferences throughout all of the entire Sports City ecosystem. (Think: Personal Shopper / or Trunk Club for Retail Sports Equipment)
  • As a customer interacts with various UX Touchpoints, they would accumulate points (in-store) which can be translated into a universal point system that can provide discounts on physical goods or services, at their retail store locations.

IA/UX Design

  • Responsible for UX Design / wireframes.