Peter Van MillerWelcome to the online web portfolio of Peter Van Miller. The websites, mobile apps & 3rd-party software that is showcased and/or linked to this site were specifically created for previous clients & employers; for whom I have created various UX/UI designs, artifacts & documentation that have been used to develop the applications and/or products referenced herein.

Sports City

UX Prototype

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AGENCY: Infor (Hook & Loop)
CLIENT: Sports City
INDUSTRY: Retail Sporting Goods

The Project

‘Sports City’ was a pseudonym for the nation’s largest brick-and-mortar retail outlet for golf & sports equipment, apparel, and accessories based on sales. The number #1 goal of this project was to create a “Proof of Concept” interactive prototype that would provide a “holistic digital vision” to disparate portions of their business.

Combining all of their business software technology into a single cohesive ‘ecosystem’ would be a key component toward delivering error-free transactions, responding to customer opportunities, and staying ahead of various market shifts & ‘disruptive digital technologies’ entering the retail sporting goods landscape.

We proposed that this new cohesive ecosystem should be comprised of several different software applications, including:

  • A revamped e-commerce website.
  • A cloud-based, mobile app for (brick & mortar) Retail Store Managers & Sales Associates.
  • A cloud-based, mobile application for local community sports leagues to use to manage their season. Coaches can input schedules, buy merchandise, match records & view statistics while earning points that would enable them to become ‘Brand Ambassadors’.
  • A ‘Digital Locker Room’ that was designed to be a ‘virtual space’ (in the cloud) used to track & store User activity data & customized preferences throughout the entire Sports City ecosystem. (Think: Personal Shopper / or Trunk Club for Retail Sports Equipment)
  • As a customer interacts with various UX Touchpoints, they would accumulate points (in-store) which can be translated into a universal point system that can provide discounts on physical goods or services, at their retail store locations.

The User Experience

A Sports Management App (For Coaches, Parents & Players)
An all-in-one team management mobile app for both adult and youth leagues would make life easier for coaches, parents, players, and club/league administrators. This app would enable coaches to get their Sports team organized, up and running within minutes using various time-saving features.

In-store Apps (For Customers & Sales Staff)
A Tablet PC application for customers to use to request additional help/assistance inside the fitting room. Plus a companion smartphone app that allows Sports City Sales Associates a chance to view items that a Customer is trying on, to make recommendations to upsell additional goods, or quickly find replacement items via a ‘product locator’ map.

A few additional mobile app ideas included:

Team Manager App

Generate various sports teams with any number of players. Manage teams,team rosters and lineup at game time.

Sports Uniform Configurator

Set your team up with the newest custom apparel, gear & accessories from recognized industry leaders in sports equipment. Track your team’s custom sizes & notify anyone who might need a friendly reminder to submit their uniform sizes.

Digital Scorebooks

An electronic scorebook is automatically generated, even for people that don’t know how to keep a scorebook. Invaluable for leagues that require ‘manual scorekeeping’.

Stat Tracking Tools

Edit, Manage, View and Analyze team and player statistics. Track stats & results of players anytime they are in the game, or on the field.

Intelligent Digital Signage

For special promos (or Rewards Programs) as well as daily foot traffic, day of the week, or time of day.

By using a placemeter sensor or video camera we can measure: the volume and location of traffic, walking direction of traffic, and number of visits inside the store and dynamically adjust/change the Advertisement (or Offer) on the fly, according to these metrics.

This in-store Advertising content would also be peppered with Secondary Content, which also includes:

  • Local Game Results
  • UGC Highlights (Play of the Week)
  • Healthy Facts / Big Data
  • Provides useful educational info (“fun facts”)
  • ‘Sports Ambassador’ Videos (i.e. Celebrity Endorsements)

My UX/UI Design Tasks

  • Participated in User Research.
  • Created Personas & User Journey Maps.
  • Authored Information Architecture.
  • Low-Fidelity Sketches & UI Mockups.
  • High-Fidelity Wireframes & UI Designs.

UX/UI Designs

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